On November 4th, the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced that Thurman Munson was one of ten players named https://www.mlb.com/yankees/news/10-players-named-to-hof-modern-baseball-era-ballot to the Modern Baseball Era ballot and eligible for induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The Modern Baseball Era Committee consisting of 16 members will vote on this year’s ballot during the MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego. The results of the vote will be announced on Dec. 8th. Candidates must receive votes from at least 75 percent of the ballots to gain election to the Hall.

Since the announcement of the Modern Baseball Era ballot, Thurman Munson candidacy has received strong support. Following are links to some of the more influential articles and video supporting his induction.

Cooperstown Cred (Chris Bodig): “Does Thurman Munson Deserve Another Hall of Fame Chance? “ [https://www.cooperstowncred.com/does-thurman-munson-deserve-another-hall-of-fame-chance/

Fangraphs (Jay Jaffe-Nov. 13th): “Despite Early Demise, Thurman Munson is Hallworthy” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/despite-early-demise-thurman-munson-is-hallworthy/ 

Fangraphs (Jay Jaffe Nov. 5th): “Whitaker,Evans and Munson Get Long Overdue Turns on Modern Baseball Ballot” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/whitaker-evans-and-munson-get-long-overdue-turns-on-modern-baseball-ballot/

Baseball Propectus (Steve Goldman): “The Modern Baseball Era Ballot-A consumer’s guide”(Munson and Murphy)  https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/55231/the-modern-baseball-era-ballot-a-consumers-guide-part-two-the-fractionals-pavilion/

Beyond the Boxscore (Daniel Epstein): “Modern Era Committee Can reverse Hall of Fame Injustices to Whitaker, Munson, Simmons and Tommy John” https://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2019/11/5/20948787/modern-era-committee-can-reverse-some-hall-of-fame-injustices-whitaker-munson-simmons-tommy-john-hof

Start Spreading the News: “More on Munson HOF Case” (part 6)- https://startspreadingthenews.blog/start-spreading-the-news/munson111619

Start Spreading the News: “Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case” (part 5) https://startspreadingthenews.blog/start-spreading-the-news/thurm111519

Start Spreading the News: “Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case” (part 4)  https://startspreadingthenews.blog/start-spreading-the-news/thurm111419

Start Spreading the News: “Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case”  (part 3) https://startspreadingthenews.blog/start-spreading-the-news/thurman111319 

Start Spreading the News: “Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case”  (part 2) https://startspreadingthenews.blog/start-spreading-the-news/thurm111219

Start Spreading the News: “Thurman Munson’s Hall-of-Fame Case”  (part 1) https://startspreadingthenews.blog/start-spreading-the-news/thurm110719

Metro (JOE PANTORNO): “Breaking Down Thurman Munson’s Hall of Fame Case” https://www.metro.us/sports/bet/breaking-down-thurman-munsons-hall-fame-case

12Up (Adam Weinrib): “Baseball Hall of Fame Has No Excuse to Keep Thurman Munson Out Again This Year” https://www.12up.com/posts/baseball-hall-of-fame-has-no-excuse-to-keep-thurman-munson-out-again-this-year-01dry624r3y7

MLB News (Paul Casella): “Will Jeter, Mattingly, Munson enter HOF in ’20?” https://www.mlb.com/news/derek-jeter-don-mattingly-thurman-munson-hall-of-fame

NJ. Com (Mike Rosenstein: “2 Yankees legends are on Modern Era ballot for Baseball Hall of Fame” https://www.nj.com/yankees/2019/11/2-yankees-on-modern-era-ballot-for-national-baseball-hall-of-fame.html

Press Room Pass: “It’s Time for Munson’s Career to be Celebrated in Cooperstown” http://www.pressroompass.com/baseball-history-thurman-munson/?fbclid=IwAR0IMbZbznjNpf1QsWX7zu2N7y0lzspv5rnq1tsg8lFtVg6SVpC6rGdIu6w 


Brian Kenny and Jay Jaffe Discuss the Modern Baseball Era Ballot (Munson discussion begins around 5:50) https://www.mlb.com/video/mlb-now-modern-era-hof

Comparative Analysis of Munson and Simmons: Two HOF Worthy Catchers https://www.facebook.com/rene.leroux.39/videos/10157301026240020/

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