Selected Articles and Media on Thurman Munson


A Nice Guy Who Didn’t Want Anyone To Know It

Press Room Pass “It’s Time for Munson’s Career to be Celebrated in Cooperstown” (Dec. 2019)

Jay Jaffe 2019)

Chris Bodig Thurman Munson Has Cooperstown Creds (Nov 2019)

Steve Goldman Thurman Munson Deserves Induction Into the HOF (Nov 2019)

Daniel Epstein The Modern Era Committee can reverse some Hall of Fame injustices (Nov 2019)

Joe Pantorno Breaking Down Thurman Munson’s Hall of Fame Case (Nov 2019)

CBS Sports- Munson ranks in top 4 of Modern Baseball Era HOF Ballot(Nov 2019)

Chris Bodig “Does Thurman Munson Deserve Another Hall of Fame Chance?(aug 2019)”

Remembering Yankee Captain Thurman Munson (Yankee Magazine August 2019)

Ron Blomberg Remembers Thurman Munson (NY Daily News Aug. 2019)

Pain of Thurman Munson’s Death Still Felt Forty Years Later (NY Post Aug. 2019)

Forty Years Later, the Death of Thurman Munson in a Plane Crash is Still Shocking (Newsday Aug 2019)

Forty Years On, Thurman Munson’s Death Remains One of Sports Most Stunning Moments(august 2019)

Jerry Narron Had Unenviable Task Of Replacing Munson Day After Tragedy Aug 2019)

Celebrating Thurman Munson’s Life (Canton Rep August 2019)

Thurman Munson Still Canton’s Hero (Canton Rep August 2019)

Forty Years Later, Thurman Munson’s Legacy Remains Strong (USA Today August 2019)

Is Baseball Hall of Fame Ready for Thurman Munson (Canton Rep March 2019)

Jaffe “Thurman Munson’s Case for Cooperstown” (2018)

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Late Baseball Star Thurman Munson (2018)

Remembering the Great Thurman Munson (2018)

Who Was Thurman Munson and Why Is He Not in the Hall of Fame (2018)

Hall of Fame Overlooked Team (2017)

15 Best Players not in the Hall of Fame (2017)

Munson & Hodges Hall of Fame Oversight (2017)

Baseball Hall of Fame Continues to Miss Out On Thurman Munson(2017)

Ten Deserving Players Not in the Baseball Hall of Fame (2016)

Graham Womack “Revisiting Thurman Munson’s Hall of Fame case 37 years after his death” (2016)

Yankees who should already be in the Hall of Fame (2016)

9 Best MLB Players Not in the Hall of Fame(2016)

Paterniti “The House That Thurman Munson Built” (2013, 1999)

Friend “Thurman Munson V. Carlton Fisk: Using Modern Statistics Reveals Better Player”(2012)

Let’s Talk Thurman Munson (2012)

Should Thurman Munson Be in the Hall of Fame? (2011)

Thurman Munson Belongs in the Hall of Fame (2010)

Does Thurman Munson Belong in the Hall of Fame (July 2010)

Jacobson “Remembering Thurman Munson” (Newsday 2009)

Thirty Years Later, Munson Still Loved and Respected (YES 2009)

The Captain and the Hall of Fame


Brian Kenny “Cooperstown Justice for Thurman Munson

Murcer’s Tribute to Thurman Munson

YES Network-Remembering Thurman Munson

MLB-Remembering Thurman Munson


Ron Guidry Remembers Thurman Munson

Willie Randolph Remembers Thurman Munson


Bill Murphy and Danny Boy Reginald are joined by Larry Schnapf, the man trying to get baseball Legend Thurman Munson into the Hall of Fame.

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