3rd Inning: Wins Above Replacement (WAR) Value

Munson produced 45.6 Wins Above Replacement (WAR), 14th in Career WAR at the Catcher position Only  6  Catchers  have exceeded Munson’s WAR in their own best 10 year period and they are all in the Hall of Fame (Gary Carter, Johnny Bench, Mike Piazza, Ivan Rodriguez, Mickey Cochrane, and Yogi Berra)!

According to the Jaffe WAR scoring system (JAWS) which balances both peak years and longevity at the position, Munson’s 41.6 JAWS is 2.4 points short of the average for the top 15 catchers (12th overall) and ahead of six Hall of Fame Catchers. 

According to the Baseball-Reference version of WAR. he ranks 11th in the league and tops among all catchers with 5.5 WAR. 

Munson’s WAR 7 statistic ( measuring a player’s best 7 years) is 37.0, which  is tied with fellow Yankees legend Yogi Berra for 8th all-time for that position. Only five of the 15 HOF catchers (Gary CarterJohnny Bench and Carlton FiskMike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez)— are ahead of him in this category

Best CONSECUTIVE 10 Years of WAR Productivity at the Catcher Position in Baseball History

(Minimum 1,000 Games Caught) All Time











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