During the 1970s, Thurman Munson was among the top three catchers in major league baseball. He was named to seven all-star  teams, respected by his peers and was the heart and soul of the Yankee championship teams of that era. When viewed through the prism of modern baseball analytics, Thurman Munson had an incredible decade of dominance from 1970 to 1979 that matches up with other catchers in the hall of fame.

Munson HOF has been formed to launch a campaign to have Munson inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019- the 40th anniversary of his tragic death. We will be contacting former players, sportswriters and broadcasters and baseball executives to support this effort. What can you do?

Volunteer to identify and contact former players and media that you know to enlist their support.

Please allow time at Change.org for the Petition to fully load, now that there are over 2,000 signatures it takes a little longer for the page to load so you can sign. Please let us know on Facebook if you have any trouble signing the Petition.

The following pages set forth the statistical and analytical basis for why Thurman Munson belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The time has come to correct this oversight while his widow and former teammates could enjoy the recognition he so deserves


Thurman Munson Quotes
The resurgence of the Yankees as winners was due to one man's efforts in particular and that man was Thurman Munson.
Carlton Fisk